Who We Are

Instant Activism was created to encourage and inspire activism on the important and controversial issues of our time. To that end, we provide innovative tools that link citizens with elected officials, policy and decision-makers.

Our advocacy tools have been created for individuals wanting to make a change however they work great for social action groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofit organizations and online media outlets. It strengthens organizations’ abilities to boost outreach and inspire supporters to take meaningful action. In addition, these tools bolster fundraising strategies – and attract new constituents.

Our Team

Stuart Kahn | CEO and Founder

Stuart is a dedicated attorney whose specialty is activism. His wealth of experience includes domestic and international advocacy, community building, social media and legal services in the business world. Stuart has managed large teams and spearheaded human rights programs in such countries as the Central Asian Republics, Russia and East Timor.


Headquarters: Kansas City
Email: info@instantactivism.com
Phone: (913) 370-4287