Life and Campaigns Go On

Life and Campaigns Go On

Life and Campaigns Go On.  And on.  And…

It’s the most basic and, perhaps, most important way to influence our society:  vote!

In this election year, we’re enduring daily snipes, name-calling, debates, more polling, attacks and … you know what I’m talking about.  In fact, I believe even the pundits are Campaign Zombies at this point. Jeez. You’d think nothing else is worthy of coverage.  So what if 50 people die when a boatload of refugees capsizes.  Hey, we’ve got an election to cover!

And we’ve still got months to go.

On the bright side, most of us are giving fresh thought to the state of our Union. There’s a big backlash against ‘business as usual.’  And while I fantasize about a “revolution,” the pragmatic side of me wonders how and if we can do it.  Why?  There’s just one minor detail – known best as Congress.  Passing a bill is akin to slogging through deep mud while you’re pummeled with rocks.

Scratch that.  It’s more like big bullies duking it out on a playground.  No.  Well.  Whatever.

Like everyone, I’m worried about who will run the the planet from that house on Pennsylvania Avenue. I always wonder why any sane human being would pursue that job.  Are they nuts?  Maybe.  But ya gotta give ‘em credit. Without these people we wouldn’t have much of a democracy.

How will you and I make the right choice in November?  Is it a function of our guts, our heads, loyalty, irritation, fear, optimism, pessimism –  or all of the above?  Luckily – or unfortunately –  we still have some time to figure it out.

Good luck with that!

Debbie Warshawski

Writing for Instant Activism