Oooh no! It’s the “A” word

Oooh no! It’s the “A” word

Titles?  Ooooh no!  It’s the “A” word

Activism v. Advocacy.  It’s an issue I stumbled across during a Google search.  So, since this project is entitled “Instant Activism,” thought I better read about it  – or suffer the shame of the uninformed.

Advocacy and activism both work to create social and political change and improve our society.  So, what’s the diff?

You can go either way, but there’s some disagreement about the labels.  Here’s an excerpt from an article by an author known as Kpring0000 on communication4health:

“I’ve been calling myself a human rights activist for years. …. I googled ‘activism’ and ‘advocacy’ on Google Images to see what kind of imagery is associated with each term.





The photos say so much:

Advocates look like they’re engaged in a civil discussion.

Activists look like they’re revved up at a big rally.

Know what?  I don’t think it matters. If civil meetings don’t float your boat… go to a rally.  But there are many other ways to make a difference: write letters, join, support or volunteer for likeminded groups and organizations. The list goes on.

To quote Melissa Schwartz at the Huffington Post:

‘There is still a role for the advocate who walks into the building while activists make their voice heard outside it.  I hope activists – whatever the cause – never give up.”

You go, Melissa!

Instant Activism is here to help you get involved – no matter which “A” word you choose.


Debbie Warshawski

Writing for Instant Activism