Uh. Oh. There Goes the Planet!

Uh. Oh. There Goes the Planet!

Uh. Oh.  There Goes the Planet!

Just play along.

Let’s say you’re a Russian military specialist.  You’re sitting around watching your spy satellite.  Suddenly you see three U.S. missiles headed for your motherland.  

You alert the guy in charge: (translate with Russian accent) “Ze Americans are attackink.  Three missiles are on their vay. Ve are ready to launch nuclear warheads at your command, comrade.”  

Russia was within seconds of obliterating major U.S. targets.  But the Lieutenant, who’s thinking on his feet says: ‘Vait a minute.  If Americans want to start nuclear var,  zey vouldn’t just launch three missiles. Take another look, comrade.’

Sure enough, the satellite was picking up reflections from cloudsnot warheads!  Nuclear war averted. No launch.  Afterwards, the Russian Lieutenant had a new moniker: ‘The man who saved the world.’

Whew! Close call.

Here’s another one.  

One day, North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD) computers indicate a large-scale Russian missile attack was underway. U.S. ballistic missile crews are put on the highest alert. They were ready to wipe out Moscow…. or something.

Within minutes, the NORAD satellite data suddenly does a 180 and doesn’t confirm any Russian missiles are coming. Turns out, a technician mistakenly inserted a training exercise scenario into a NORAD computer that simulates a full-scale attack.  The U.S. nixed retaliation – but got a good feel for the real thing.

Whew!  Another close call.

What’s worse?  These are true stories!

Ultimately, it’s the President’s job as Commander-in-Chief, to make the decision to launch weapons of mass destruction. Let’s just pray he or she got good info.

Oops.  There goes Beijing.


Debbie Warshawski

Writing for Instant Activism